If you recall, in my last column, I heralded a return to in-person events and networking at the 2021 WWETT Show. As you all now know, the show was cancelled. I would bet that informa is planning on making 2022’s event bigger and better.

Mike Kezdi


While any show cancellation is no good, one of the reasons cited for the cancellation had to do with the timing of the show during the busy season for our industry. Many could not attend because they were swamped with work. It’s not hard to believe.

Since we last checked in, I’ve had the chance to see several aspects of our industry first-hand.

  • We had a local plumber Corey Mramor out to our house to inspect our storm and sewer drains. Things checked out okay and it was cool to see the camera in action in a live situation.
  • I spotted the City of North Olmsted’s GapVax truck in front of the house — there happens to be a manhole there — as the Waste Water Treatment Plant team was out cleaning and inspecting the sewers in our neighborhood as part of its 5-year program.
  • Dan Sisko, Pipe Cleaning PRO’s advertising account manager, and I got a personal invite to visit RIDGID world headquarters in nearby Elyria, Ohio. We were treated to a VIP facility tour of the company’s manufacturing facility and schoolhouse training center among other things.

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All these activities, as well as seeing trucks on the road whether it be for residential/commercial work or municipal equipment, indicate that our industry is doing well. It also shows me that there are many more great stories to tell in the pages of Pipe Cleaning PRO. To find out how you can be part of our editorial coverage, see the last section in this column on sharing your story.

Future Tech

One of the things that interests me when we talk about sewer and drain cleaning is the amount of technical advancement the industry has seen in recent years. I learned a bit about it when I visited RIDGID in June and a couple of our feature stories drive that point home.

On the cover we feature RH Borden, a service provider out of Utah, that is on the leading edge of manhole scanning and sewer system data acquisition. The company’s focus is on using data to help owners understand their sewer systems, optimize their resources and manage risk.

I also had the chance to talk to John “JT” Alier, a Chattanooga-based plumber who took the leap and entered the trenchless pipe relining world with the HammerHead Trenchless Bluelight LED system. Alier long knew the benefits of trenchless rehab, even subbing out some work, before adding the services to his company. It took many years of research, but Alier and his team see the benefits of LED cure technology.

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Mike Kezdi

Managing Editor

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