We launched Pipe Cleaning PRO in the last quarter of 2019 and formally launched the website in February. In that time we have logged many stories on the site.

As 2020 is coming to a close, we decided to check the data and present to you, the most-read stories of 2020 at pipecleaningpro.com. Here they are presented in chronological order.

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We want to thank all of our readers for joining us this inaugural year and know that more is planned for 2021. We also want to take a minute and wish everyone a safe, prosperous and happy 2021.

10: Welcome to Pipe Cleaning PRO

This story served as a welcome to Pipe Cleaning PRO magazine, our website and the Pipe Cleaning PRO staff.


9: Compliance EnviroSystems a Southeast SSES Leader

Our cover story for the March/April issue celebrated the 25th anniversary of  Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Compliance EnviroSystems LLC (CES).

marketing drain cleaning company

8: How to Market Your Drain Cleaning Company

From our second annual How to Guide issue, Jeff Longspaugh at ClearWater Plumbers shared tips on marketing a drain cleaning business.

The Professional Drain Services of Southern New England

7: Top of the Line Equipment Helps Rhode Island Contractor Succeed

In the January/February issue we got to know Robert “Rob” Broccolo, Jr., and how using top tier equipment has helped him grow his family’s business.

Milwaukee Cable Drive

6: Milwaukee Cable Drive Assembly for the M18 Fuel Switch Pack Sectional Drum System

Readers are interested in our company profiles and tips, as well as new equipment launches. No. 6 on our list is the launch of the Cable Drive for Milwaukee Tool’s M18 Fuel Switch Pack Sectional Drum System.

5: King of the Valley – Eduardo Quintero Uses the Right Tools to Get the Job Done

For our May/June issue we got to know Eduardo Quintero, who serves the Pasadena, California area. Quintero’s go-to equipment comes from Spartan Tool and he wears his love of the brand permanently on his skin.

Oscar's rescue

4: Rescuing Oscar – Sewer Inspection Leads to Unexpected Find, Adoption

No. 4 is a feel-good story from our September/October issue. It’s the story of Oscar, a dog saved from a Detroit-area sewer and his subsequent adoption by a loving family.

Utah drain cleaner

3: Poised for Growth – Utah Drain Cleaner Tackles Roots, Wipes and Locates with Precision

We met Tyler Webb at the 2020 WWETT Show and had a great chat. We then followed up with him to learn more about his family’s Utah-based drain and septic service company.

rotary nozzle

2: How to Select the Proper Nozzle for your Job

from our inaugural How To Guide, Stone Age Inc. and Kent Carlson discussed the importance of selecting a proper nozzle for your sewer or drain cleaning job.

El Monte California sewer maintenance

1: Proactive Sewer Maintenance in El Monte, California

Our most-read story of 2020 was a profile on the City of El Monte, California. We spoke to the City about its proactive sewer cleaning program, which includes regular root control and hydro jetting and CCTV work.

If you’re interested in contributing to our 2021 issues, feel free to email Mike Kezdi, managing editor, at mkezdi@benjaminmedia.com or 330-752-1916.

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