Hydra-Flex Inc., manufacturer of innovative fluid handling equipment, announced the worldwide release of the Marksman, a new industrial cleaning nozzle designed specifically for long distance cleaning applications.

The Marksman is an addition to Hydra-Flex Inc’s industrial cleaning market, and more specifically takes the patented nozzle technology, to produce a more accurate and direct stream to support municipal, industrial cleaning efforts.

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“Today [June 3] we are excited to launch our latest patented innovation, the Marksman,” says Mike Tonies, director of industrial sales at Hydra-Flex. “This new nozzle addresses several challenges we recognized in the municipalities and contractors that keep our wastewater systems operational.”

The Marksman is a 0-degree static linear flow long-distance cleaning nozzle, designed to keep operators safer and more efficient while drastically reducing water consumption. With a controlled flow that provides optimal cleaning impingement over 20 ft, the Marksman is an ideal fit for cleaning corrosive environments like lift stations or manholes.

Hydra-Flex Marksman Manhole

The precise stream cleans accumulated solids and grease build-ups, while its accuracy reduces the operator’s chances of damaging crucial parts like pumps and electrical components.

The nozzle requires the use of a 6-ft minimum lance equipped with a dead man switch, ensuring the operator more control while resulting in less impending harm. The Marksman offers an up to 20 GPM – low water flow design, reducing each job’s water consumption and duration, while still providing superior results and performance.

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“The development of this nozzle continues to raise the bar for our industrial marketing and showcasing our successful history in not only technology for digging but for cleaning as well,” Tonies says. “However, this wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of our partners and field trial participants, this tool provides a more effective process for cleaning while also making it safer and easier on the end customer.”

SOURCE – Hydra-Flex Inc.

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