RapidView is in the process of expanding its North American headquarters located in Rochester, Indiana.

Increased demand for its products and services drove RapidView to create a more spacious environment that is needed to accommodate vast growth and the introduction of new technologies.

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The construction team broke ground in July and will finish the new addition in the first quarter of 2021. The 10,000-sq-ft expansion will include an extension to the service center that will nearly double its size, a dedicated software training and support center, a spacious marketing department, a brand-new customer and employee lounge area, as well as additional administrative offices and conference rooms.

RapidView New Building

In addition to the extensive interior development, the exterior is also getting a fresh new look. A new asphalt parking lot dedicated to visitors will be located in the front of the property, as well as an outdoor lounge area. The new design will include a unique archway entrance, intended to represent an underground pipe, with material selection that cohesively fits with the existing structure.

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Those interested in following along with the expansion can monitor RapidView’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for updates and the progression on the construction.

SOURCE – RapidView

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